Our Services

Services for the complete Technology Lifecycle

We can provide project management to your company at every phase of the technology life cycle, relieving the burden of infrastructure management:

  • Complete Lifecycle Support
  • Skilled Technical Project Management
  • Technical Sales & On-Site Assistance in Australia
  • National Onsite Services
  • Safe Online Purchasing
  • Insurance Guarantee & Certified Installers
Evaluation, Scoping & Design
  • Site Audits
  • Requirement Scoping
  • Project Design
  • Relocation Planning
Delivery & Onsite Services
  • Specialised Delivery
  • Installation of Hardware (including Electrical & Mechanical)
  • Commissioning of Equipment
  • Consolidation of Documentation
  • Client Training and Handover
Pre-Deployment & Site Prep
  • Pre-configuration
  • Asset Tagging
  • Security Access • Site Inductions
  • Preparation of SWMS
    (safe work method statement)
Post-Purchase Support
  • Remote Monitoring

  • Asset Management

  • Data Centre Cleaning

  • Tailored Service & Support Plans: (Parts Warranty & Vendor Management – Scheduled Preventative Maintenance – Onsite Response for Hardware Failure – Emergency Call Out Access Plan)

Purchasing & Pre-sales Support
  • Solution Sourcing

  • Pre-sales Technical

  • GuidanceProcurement

  • Financing & Leasing for

  • Hardware, Software & Services

  • Vendor Management

End of Life Services
  • De-commissioning

  • Collection of Old Hardware from Site

  • Data Destruction

  • Recycling of e-Waste

  • Asset De-Tagging

Professional Business Continuity Solutions

Electrical & UPS

Your company’s ability to function depends on the physical infrastructure layer that supports your IT architecture. In order to safeguard your information and hardware, increase productivity, and save costs, we collaborate with you to identify the ideal power supply and management system.

IT & Networking

You will get the finest solutions for your servers, storage, networking, hyper-converged infrastructure, laptops, desktops, monitors, thin clients, and peripherals from our team of qualified specialists.

Mechanical Cooling

Many IT suppliers are inexperienced with cooling, despite it being a crucial component of building and IT operations. We can assist you in locating and maintaining the appropriate solutions since we are well-versed in mechanical cooling.

Fire Suppression

The best fire suppression solutions, such as gaseous suppression, foam suppression, water suppression, explosion protection, and more, may be recommended, acquired, and maintained for your establishment.

Data Cabling

Labelled and expertly installed cabling is a science and an art. We can assist you with intelligent, traceable cabling solutions that save you time during modifications and give your employees a secure and productive work environment.

Access Control

Ensuring the security of your business requires strict control over who has access to your location and equipment. We are able to locate, set up, and operate a system that gives you central access control, increasing productivity and lowering risk to your company.