Novaris Plug-in Surge Filter 10A Two (2) Outlets

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Plug-in Surge Filter
Novaris plug-in surge filters plug into a standard mains outlet socket to provide premium protection for sensitive or critical electronic equipment.

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Electrical Specifications
Connection type Series
Modes of protection All mode (L-N, L-PE, N-PE)
Nominal voltage 230V / 50Hz
Maximum continuous voltage 275V / 50Hz
Maximum discharge current (8/20?s) 50kA
Nominal discharge current (15 x 8/20?s) 20kA
Maximum load current 10A
Protection stages Metal oxide varistor / LC filter / Metal oxide varistor
Voltage protection level @3kA (8/20?s) <600V
Response time Instantaneous
Power Consumption (@230V 50Hz) <1W
Attenuation -3dB at 900Hz, -60dB at 100kHz
Earth leakage current <500?A
Maximum voltage drop (% of U0) <1%
Display LED power and status
Mechanical Specifications
Operating temperature / humidity -40 to +70?C / 0 to 90% non-condensing
Connection type – line side cord IEC C14 Inlet
Connection type – load side outlet 10A Australian (type I) outlet
Number of outlets 2
Environmental IP 20
Mounting Freestanding, (optional wall mount -M)
Weight 1.3kg
Width 155mm
Height 140mm
Depth 60mm
Standards Compliance IEC 61643-11 class II, III
AS/NZS 1768 categories A, B
IEEE C62.41 categories A, B
IEC 1000-4-5