The selection of an appropriate UPS size is contingent upon the total load of all devices to be connected to the UPS. It is imperative to compile a comprehensive list of equipment requiring power backup and ascertain the respective ampere (AMP) and wattage (WATTS) specifications. To compute the load accurately, two methods can be employed.

Firstly, you can sum up the individual AMP and WATTS ratings of each device to determine the cumulative load. This method ensures a precise calculation by considering the specific power requirements of each component.

Alternatively, you may opt for a more simplified approach by utilizing average values. Assigning average AMP and WATTS figures to the equipment on your list will enable a quicker estimation of the overall load.

Whichever method you choose, the key lies in thorough documentation and meticulous assessment of the power demands of all connected devices for an optimal UPS selection.

  • Option 1 – (AMP)  Find the total AMPS of all equipment and multiple it by 220 to get a proper voltage amp or VA rating. The UPS rating must exceed the VA total.
  • Option 2 -(WATTS) Add the WATTS of all equipment intended to be backed up and divide it by 0.7 to get a true VA rating. Again the UPS VA rating must be greater than the comprised VA rating.